Summer Projects on Long Caye

Date: August 23, 2019

While Jim and I are enjoying a summer break on our island of Long Caye, we also are taking time to make some big improvements to Off The Wall Dive Center and Resort.

We have recently installed a Reverse Osmosis Desalinization System/Water Maker. We will now be able to turn well water from our under island aquifer, or sea water, into pure drinking water.  This means, that we will no longer be necessary to haul water from the mainland.

This is a big step towards being even more Eco conscientious, as the system runs on solar power. It will be a great relief, to not depend on the weather for our rain water collection. (Although, still have our rain water collection system)

New Reverse Osmosis Desalinization Water Supply System for our Resort
We now can make our own water!
Reverse Osmosis Water Maker

It’s funny how living on remote island, completely surrounded by water, that fresh water is such a precious commodity.

Our island surrounded by water
Our island of Long Caye, completely surrounded by Water